Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weiner Follow-Up

For those not privy to my Facebook page or yet a fan of BlueRootsRadio.com, I just posted this Note on Facebook:

Amidst supportive and hateful comments, I just posted this into an open thread on the Facebook political page of Representative Anthony Weiner concerning the Conflicted Justice Clarence Thomas:

BlueRootsRadio.com compiled a lot of great Tweet retorts within the June 6th comments under the more compelling (for the American people) Wisconsin Tent City story which the corporate media will drown out by news of Weiner. See: http://bluerootsradio.com/?p=6330#comments - One of the consistent great tweeters was @theBradBlog who also retweeted another singular tweet: @DCdebbie: "BREAKING: A second dick picture emerges from #Weinergate revealing something the media has never before reported on http://yfrog.com/edk9p7j" Apt.

I then added this follow-up comment to my Facebook Note:

My thanks to Christopher Johnson and Toni DiPego and their bloggers for their work on BlueRootsRadio.com, a great home for roots music and progressive information and dialog.

Am saddened by the tragic flaw(s) of Representative Anthony Weiner but love me my BlueRootsRadio! It sustains my spirit when all else fails.

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