Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Robert Reich's Words of Wisdom and Insight

Found on Twitter, from Robert Reich - @RBReich, former US Secretary of Labor under Clinton:

I continue to debate radical conservatives on mainstream media because the media thinks the truth lies halfway between right and wrong.


The greatest threat to democracy is the silence of thoughtful citizens in the face of extremists who will stop at nothing to get their way.


If you respond to what's happened in DC with more cynicism and apathy, the radical right wins completely. Instead: Organize and mobilize!


Make no mistake: We are still held hostage by radical right. Paying ransom always leads to more extortion.

and some observations:

Behind Tea Party lie Koch bros, Rupert Murdoch, & other right-wing billionaires bent on destroying US economy and removing O from office.

All stock gains of 2011 wiped out because debt deal has made it almost impossible for govt to boost economy. Beware Friday's job numbers.

The radical right has won a huge tactical and strategic victory. Democrats have proven they have no tactics and no strategy.

Anyone who characterizes the debt-ceiling deal as a victory for the Am people over partisanship understands neither politics nor economics.

The Am public will not blame Rs for the coming double-dip jobs recession, because the deal over the debt ceiling implicates the Ds as well.

It is not the case that "both sides" gave up "sacred cows." Rs linked the debt ceiling to their demand for smaller govt. They've got it.

The heinous deal is preferable to economic catastrophe. The outrage and shame is it has come to this choice.

The hostage crisis may be over but the US economy will now suffer insufficient demand and a govt incapable of boosting it.

Ds can no longer campaign on R's desire to Medicare and Soc Security, now that O has agreed it . A tactical and strategic defeat for Ds.

Defining the problem is 95 percent of the battle in Washington. O and D's have let GOP define the problem as the nation's debt.

No tax increases on rich yet almost certain cuts in Med and Social Security, and deficit cuts when joblessness is soaring. An insane deal.

If we restore jobs and growth, the ratio of debt to GDP drops, and the so-called "debt crisis" improves. If we don't, the opposite occurs.

All this talk about shared sacrifice to balance budget diverts attention from biggest issue -- getting Ams back to work & restoring growth.

I could go on and on and on -- You must check out Robert Reich's Twitter channel and follow him.

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