Sunday, July 31, 2011

ToniD's Italian Fritata

Some friends have requested some zucchini recipes and voila,'s news editor extraordinaire ToniD posted an awesome sounding Italian Fritata. You ought to go check out the BRR blog, but let's also repost it here.

Everyone is talking cooking. So for dinner tonight I made myself a Fritata, Italian Omelet.

Sliced zucchini, baby portabella mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, sauteed in Olive Oil with a pat of butter for taste, spices are oregano, garlic powder, pepper, and pepper flakes, Enough eggs beaten to make a thick fritata after veggies are sauteed. Sprinkle with grated Italian cheese of your choice. Cover and cook on medium heat until eggs are cooked. Slice pizza style and serve.

Spinach Fritatas are good also.

If you have an oven safe pan, you can finish it in the oven. The eggs will rise more if you do that.

Then one of our fellow BRR bloggers, 60th Street, posted his similar meat version. Maybe you'd like to combine the two versions (red or green peppers, yes, but forget the meat for me):

@toniD: I had one of those for breakfast, this afternoon, only scrambled.

I used a lot of the same ingredients. Mine was sauteed zucc, onion, baby portabellas, red peppers in olive oil. Then I threw that in and scrambled it with 3 eggs, a crumbled corn tortilla, chopped turkey and pepperoni, italian seasoning, cajun seasoning, salt and pepper.

Ate with a side of buttered multigrain toast and a tall glass of V8

Hangover breakfasts are awesome!

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