Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Contact Speaker John Boehner re JOBS

Write Speaker John Boehner a simple note reminding him to remember the Republican promise to create more jobs. Easy to do, use the Speaker.gov/contact form. And follow up with a phone call to his office: 202-225-0600

This is what I wrote, a simple straightforward message:

Dear Speaker Boehner,

Republicans promised jobs, ran on it in 2010, and still we allow companies tax breaks for shipping jobs out of the country while more and more of us US citizens remain jobless. We need more good paying US jobs, not just McDonalds or Walmart jobs. HELP, Please introduce legislation that will promote middle class good paying jobs HERE in the USA. Things are getting desperate for lots of people and we do NOT want any riots in our streets. Maybe it is time for a US jobs program. (Our infrastructure needs a serious face lift, too.) Please remember your promise and provide JOBS.

Please keep me apprised.

Thank you and regards.

And thank YOU, for joining me in this important action.

IMPORTANT PS -- You might want to add environmentally FRIENDLY jobs. Speaker Boehner wants to pass some drill baby drill bill that will limit the EPA in protecting our environment. It will create jobs that produce environmental destruction: NOT a trade-off. "NO to that, Speaker Boehner -- if we're dead because of a terrible environment jobs won't matter."

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