Thursday, February 19, 2009

Racist Cartoon or Presidential Threat?

This "cartoon" dampened my afternoon yesterday after hearing Marc Maron rant about it on Air America's Break Room Live. I ranted to my African American and other colleagues and saw THIS Olbermann clip AFTER posting this comment on's message board:

It is such an obvious slam on President Obama, given the historic use of ape/monkey/chimp imagery to dehumanize people of color AND the juxtaposition of the President signing the investment/stimulus bill on page 11 -- the reverse side of the "cartoon"found on page 12 in my edition. The assassination inference cannot be ignored either. At the very least Sean Delonas is guilty of extremely poor taste and at the very worst Delonas is guilty of incitement to murder our new President. There are wackos out there -- the Post's contribution could and perhaps should be reason for prosecution. If it were two months ago and a dead Bush-chimp, the "artist" and Murdoch would be on their way to Guantanamo.

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