Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tasini: We Have Plenty of Money. The Rich are Killing Us

Jonathan Tasini posted an excellent article with a terrific related memo at

This is one of those moments when I feel like I live in la-la land. It's possible that I am insane, stark-raving mad and delusional. Either that or there is a staggering moral obscenity underway in our country. We have plenty of money to fund what needs to be done--but our political leaders, on both sides of the aisle, seem unwilling to go where the money is: the rich. I know where Republicans stand on this issue. But, where in the hell is the Democratic Party? MORE

In essence, Jonathan backs up Thom Hartmann's contention that we should roll back the REAGAN tax cuts. "We have plenty of money," indeed. And as Jonathan adds, "We can either have the rich pay—or borrow from the Chinese. It’s a choice." It is an obvious choice. Please spread this message and hope others are smart enough to join in using the frame, "We have plenty of money." Obama has a big road ahead and it is up to us to limit the roadblocks.

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