Thursday, June 12, 2008

Evidence to Impeach the Son of a Bush!

Representative Dennis Kucinich has rightly introduced ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT OF PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH and the facts speak for themselves. The matter has been sent to the Judiciary Committee where action seems unlikely given Speaker Nancy Pelosi's outrageous decision to take impeachment off the table. Where do we draw the line between political expedience and restoring the rule of law and the reputation of our country? To wait until January 22, 2009 to indict Bush and Cheney and others for war crimes may be expedient, but what if they steal the election again and we have President John McCain? Given his flip flop from even a tenuous straight talk express, McCain is not going to hold the Bush-Cheney cabal accountable. Meanwhile more reason for impeachment mounts. Dare we wait another day? Call your congressmember and speak to your rep: 202-224-3121.

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