Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meanwhile in Cleveland...Kat & MD

In touch with Katerina and Michael Dylan, Mom Kat and Krista learned that they, too, were out celebrating, not with Easter lamb (or fish) but with Wings!!

Kat attests to the Cleveland location -- glad that all were having fun!!

FW: Wings!


Gina Ventre said...


Kate Anne said...

When I sent them a message, I told them I loved them AND you. (I figured you had already left, but somehow I needed/wanted to include you in our mutual feasts.)

(Little Kat is still incommunicado -- *sigh* -- "Let her be", I know, but I miss her writing and she thinks her blog doesn't matter and it DOES!!!)

Well, happy Friday. Time for MORE feasts. I'm out to dinner with a friend.