Sunday, April 6, 2008

Be the Change

Be the Change
Originally uploaded by Kate Anne

Following the Satya Graha Forum sponsored event, participants waited in line to strew rose petals in front of the Gandhi statue at Union Square. While walking from the NYC Public Library as part of the Be the Change Walk, I conversed with Casey Landau and Claire Polsky (from Boulder CO). Once at Union Square I added my manila folder sign FOR Peace: Be Peace to the side of the Gandhi quotation I chose to carry: "Outward peace is useless without inner peace." I discussed the truth of the statement with a man who respectfully disagreed. Good talk also with another man who claimed the problem is greed and ego. Good event with good energy -- and the threatening weather cooperated.


Chuck Byrd said...

I wish they had this sort of thing here in Cincinnati.

Kate Anne said...

Start something, Chuck! "Be the change!" Though this was very special indeed and more than I would do by myself. Still....

Thanks for dropping by!