Monday, January 21, 2008

Sam Seder and AAR

One of the sweetest, most real, endearing, charming, witty folks on radio is Sam Seder. He is under-used these days by Mark Green's Air America Radio but he is used: his Sunday show, blogging on the AAR website and filling in for various absent AAR personalities. I don't miss Rachel Maddow so much when Sam is her substitute (as for Kent Jones, now that is for another blog).

With the demise of her great two three-hour weekend shows, Laura Flanders' bloggers have flocked to Sam's site to stay in touch and commiserate: maggiesboy, YBNurmal, nightbird, Smnoll, What Now Toons, KateAnne (moi)... But there we are met by a great cast of characters who touch our hearts and make us grow, in particular (but not exclusively): Fernando, Nefferkitti, toniD, bibimimi, Sunshine Jim, pbtrue1, Crank Bait, the list continues.... Loyal Sederistas blog during the Sunday show but other times, too, with public diaries -- called Open Mics -- available. Camaraderie abounds and Sam may only have an occasional visit by his former sidekick Janeane Garofalo but he's been smart enough to groom his producer Lauren Kirchner to show her compatible spirit and help fill Janeane's void. Good show, good blogging. But, Mark Green, please use Sam more so he can make enough money to help support baby Myla and we can keep him a part of our lives. He is such an asset to you -- a goodwill ambassador -- but do you know it? The rest of us do. Sam, we love you.

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