Saturday, January 5, 2008

Adieu, Mac

Adieu Mac
Originally uploaded by Kate Anne
The year has begun with a time of grieving: Mac Cat died on Jan. 2nd. Officially MacTangelo, this little orange-taffy colored tiger came into my life the same day as my first Mac computer, August of 1994. Long in the tooth, but very beloved, this little rescued animal has been a joy and a blessing. This may be the final picture I took of him, a simple cell camera shot. For more of Mac's pictures check out the Mac tag on my Flickr pictures. But no picture can capture his true specialness in my life. Adieu, sweet Mac.

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Anonymous said...

We met Mac Tangelo when he was only two and he allowed us to share his house. Bye, Mac. Our lovely dog, Rex, also died this year.[ He didn't like cats -sorry!]
Jill, Alan and Bryn
Western Australia