Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Make the TPP Public and DON'T Fast-Track it!

Sign the Letter to the Congress members and the President which FREE PRESS Action Fund is co-sponsoring with RootsAction.
These are MY comments:
As a constituent, I urge you to make the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership public and to block any proposal for fast-track authorization. If they Fast-Track it, please commit to voting NO, no matter how the corporate toadies whip you.
We need protections for our US citizens, for our internet and online activities AND we need to have our US jobs protected AND our environment protected AND our FOOD protected: NO GMOs.
Sounds like you should be SAY NO to the TPP and stick up for We the People and NOT just corporations.
BOTTOM LINE: We need FAIR trade, NOT "free" trade AND we NEED an economy that works for ALL of us. 
THANK YOU for keeping me apprised of your position on the TPP.
End of my comments: ACT, too, NOW. PLEASE. THANKS

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