Friday, September 28, 2012

US Homeless To Go Hungry As Food Stamps Are Cut | UK Progressive

US Homeless To Go Hungry As Food Stamps Are Cut | UK Progressive talks of hunger arising from the current and future Republican policy to cut food stamps. Who will fill the gap to meet their need?

“Churches and charities can take up the slack,” harrumphed Robert Royal on an episode of Moyers & Company not long ago. Royal runs The Faith and Reason Institute, a right-wing group loosely affiliated with conservative elements in the Catholic Church. 

But Royal, an avowed supporter of the Gekko-Galt Romney-Ryan ticket, was shocked into dumbfounded silence when Sister Simone Campbell, organizer of the Nuns on the Bus” anti-poverty tour, pointed out that Bread for the World did a study and found that every last cathedral, church, synagogue, mosque, temple and meeting hall in America would have to raise an additional $50,000 every year for 10 years to compensate for the GOP plan to eliminate food stamps. 

All he could muster was a half-hearted, sort-of but not really embarrassed, “Of course we need to take care of the needy” but never explained how “we” will do that if food stamps go away.

I know my little neighborhood church has trouble meeting its current expenses. We cannot take on more than some occasional food collection drives -- which fill today's food stamp gaps, not those scheduled for October and into the future. Not fair to the poor. What will be the consequences?

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