Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rodney King: Can we all get along?

I thought Rodney King asked Why, and some re-quoting shows it, but it isn't "Why can't we all just get along", per the news tape [start at 42 for intro or 53 for King directly] Rodney King's quotation is a pleading and a request for peace in a time of violence:
I just want to say, you know, Can we, can we all get along, can we can we get along? Umm can we stop making it making it ___ before for the for the older people and the and the and the kids...?.... We've got to quit... It is just not right. ... Please, We can we can get along here, We we all can get along. ... I mean we're all stuck here for a while. Let's try to work it out ....Let's try and work it out.


Big Ramifications said...

I just transposed Rodney's quote from the actual YouTube footage. Just for a laff I Googled the quote in inverted commas.... and this blog post was the ONLY result.

You and me, baby!!

Big Ramifications said...


** Getting only 1 Google search result is a form of "Googlewhack".
** Googlewhacks are quite rare so I always do a silent fist pump when I get one.
** If you Google the quote without quotation marks you get 134,000,000 results.
** Great to see you chose "you know" instead of "y'know".
** I was initially going to go with the latter but I'm glad I double checked. It definitely wasn't a "y'know".
** In my version of Rodney's quote I included his pauses and stopped at the word "umm".
** So *AHEM* I do believe mine is a slightly superior version. :)

"You know.. can we.. can we all.. get along? Can we.. can we get along? Umm.."