Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Words That Don’t Work | Common Dreams

In Words That Don’t Work George Lakoff talks about the importance of the Progressives [a/k/a Liberals!] using our OWN frames and NOT those put out by Frank Luntz for the GOP / Koch Brothers / Rightists. When we use the other guys' frames, we lose. [For example, they use Luntz's "death tax" instead of inheritance tax -- don't YOU ever use it!]

Progressives have a basic morality, which is largely unspoken. It has to be spoken, over and over, in every corner of our country. Progressives need to be both thinking and talking about their view of a moral Democracy, about how a robust Public is necessary for private success, about all that the Public gives us, about the benefits of health, about a Market for All not a Greed Market, about regulation as protection, about revenue and investment...

The Occupy Wall Street folk are emphasizing how we need an economy that works not just for the 1%, but also for the 99%, in essence then the 100% that Deepak Chopra talks about. We need a better world for ALL of us. Words can help heal. Read this article and use them wisely.

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