Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Explaining Wisconsin, a FB comment repost

The governor and Republican legislators are not dictators and Wisconsin has a long labor history. What is happening in Wisconsin and Ohio, etc., most likely follows what was decided at the recent Koch weekend meetings. Kill the one supporter of the middle class working people and make it easier for Republicans to win. Meanwhile wi-fi has just been shut down in Wisconsin capitol area. And per Mike Elk the AFL CIO is debating releasing a poll done by Stan Greenberg showing Scott Walker's approval dropping by 20% in last week (from 58%). Over-reaching has its effects. The last election was colored by the outrageous Citizens United vs FEC decision allowing unregulated money to shower on elections (more over-reaching). People elected are supposed to represent the people not dictate. If Wisconsin plays out the way the governor wants welcome to the American oligarchy. The Democratic legislators follow in the tradition of Abraham Lincoln in escaping a very undemocratic vote in order to better represent the will of the people. (Lincoln escaped through a window.)

[And Republicans who protest about Walker/GOP being allowed to follow the will of the people who voted them in do not see the irony of their own impeding of the agenda / will of the people who voted for Obama and Democrats in 2008.]

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