Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reflection on US Debt

From the keen-eyed ToniD at

toniD says:
January 14, 2011 at 2:55 pm

US Civil Servant Retirement Fund (Public Employees)

Percentage of US Debt held: 6%

US Military Retirement Fund

Percentage of US Debt held: 2.1%

Social Security

Percentage of US Debt held: 17.9%

These are all the things that the GOP are working on weakening or getting rid of. If they did this, it would wipe out the amount of debt owed by the US to these programs. This chart proves that the Pensions and Unions of the Public Employees are on the chopping block, the same as Social Security.

This has to get out to the people, but will they believe it.

China holds 7.5% of our debt. But that’s okay because Big Corps are making money in China.

Yes -- this information has to get out there. (A lot of treasures at the BlueRootsRadio blog besides great music -- thanks to Chris Johnson a/k/a mb a/k/a Maggie's Boy and some great BlueRootsers assisting him.)

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