Friday, November 5, 2010

Reinstate Keith Olbermann

[FYI -- Griffin's voice mail is currently full BUT his number is 212-664-2456]

To Mr. Phil Griffin -

Dear Sir -- Keith Olbermann is a treasure who should be prized not absurdly disciplined.

As I forwarded via an NBC comment page --

I am outraged that Keith Olbermann has been suspended because of his exercising his freedom of speech by making several relatively small political contributions. After all, corporations can spend millions, including FOREIGN corporations, in our elections, thanks to Citizens United vs FEC. And Pat Buchanan has made a number of political donations. Yet Olbermann cannot??

I am outraged. NBC and MSNBC will be on my “list” if this holds.

Most sincerely,

Kate Anne ______

And as Randi Rhodes said on her show the NBC contract (and isn't Keithreally MSNBC?) says a clause that such contributions “may jeopardize his or her standing as an impartial journalist” should NOT apply to Keith as no one would likely call him an impartial journalist.

Again -- please reinstate Keith Olbermann or there will and must be consequences from those who love and respect him.

And for God's and our country's sake speak up against the outrageous political contributions made following the Citizens United vs the FEC disgusting Supreme Court decision.

Again, most sincerely,

Kate Anne

[Full name and my snail address, deleted here]

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