Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My voting experience: Scanners Down!

Got to cast my primary vote, literally, at my new old site, Queen of Angels Center on Skillman in Sunnyside. Our lever machines are gone. We've got a scanning system, which worked, sort-of. There were lots of empty privacy booths when I voted. But when I collected my ballot, I was offered a privacy folder (for the actual casting into the scanner) only after I requested it. (I had watched the instruction video.) I walked to the scanners and found that they were BOTH down. Site supervisor Richard Drake said neither machine would boot up, whether plugged in or with the battery. Perhaps the batteries were upside down, he suggested, a rumor he had heard. The good news is I could deposit it in the emergency slot in the scanner where the ballots would be handcounted later, under watchful eyes: THE BEST MOST VERIABLE WAY.

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