Saturday, March 6, 2010

A little personal note

Usually Friday is movie night but an overdue un-renewable book took me to the New York Public Library where there was great energy to feed my spirit after a hectic work week Yes, I found a good book to add to my pile at home, but I had a meaningful encounter at the checkout desk when Alex gave me friendly personal assistance you just don't get from the auto-check out. He noted that there were two more books to be picked up -- I had forgotten to check the reserve room AND when I couldn't find one of 'em, he found it amidst the new arrivals. But he was just was so darn pleasant.

Then I ran across the street to HSBC and while withdrawing some money from the ATM related to another human being there fixing one of the machines: Willie from Diebold. Those machines cost $45,000! No wonder there are bank transaction fees. But they don't have to pay them benefits and at least repairing them gives Willie a job and reason to smile.

Alex and Willie, two special New Yorkers -- thanks for touching my life.

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