Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Open Message To President Barack Hoover Obama

The following message was left at the WhiteHouse.gov contact page for President Barack H. Obama -- and I am sad to say that the H is for Hoover, as in Barack Hoover Obama:

Have you become a Hoover Republican? The budget freeze is an absolute mistake which will make the registered Republicans and the Blue Dogs very happy and will do awful things to your legacy. I am supposed to be your base and you have totally deserted the issues I care about: true peace, economic justice, restoration of our democracy (cancelling the unpatriotic PATRIOT Act, ending torture, getting rid of Bush league government lawyers), and last but not least: REAL healthcare for all -- single payer (or at least a public option).

Enough. When are you going to give us the Change we can BELIEVE in -- and NOT this awful Bill-Clinton-like middle-ground mess? They call you a socialist anyway, give them (and me) THAT vision. Some socialistic problems that help everyone, not just the wealthy elite. THEN, I will thank you.

I've asked for a response. Let's see if I get one.

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