Thursday, July 23, 2009

Several friends have taken the Facebook Universal Healthcare poll, Are you in favor of a government run healthcare system? Yes. No. Maybe.

The poll puts me in a quandary. I commented to a friend's voting yes:

Government run? Like the Veteran's system? I'm more in favor of government PAID healthcare: single payer -- an expanded and improved Medicare for all. And I would consider the public option as a compromise position. What I do know is I want insurance companies OUT. The profit motive has no place in healing. And the health industry is paying $1.3 million a day in lobbying that it keeps its greedy hold over peoples lives. If I take the poll I have to lie and say yes or my vote would likely be misinterpreted. We absolutely need affordable comprehensive healthcare for all -- and it really shouldn't be tied to jobs. Now let's all call Congress and tell them so including Blue Dog Dem Mike Ross from Arkansas. Thanks for caring, Brandon!

So now, do I take the poll to build momentum and misrepresent my position? I am not opposed to the Veterans Hospital system -- I don't think we need it over-all. Just expand and improve Medicare, congress! Now, to contact congress AGAIN. (And maybe I will call Mike Ross who needs to know his Blue Dog naysaying is affecting us all.)

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