Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Mexie and Bumble Bee Diet

There hasn't been a tasty tidbit in a while, but instead let's document the Mexie and Bumble Bee Diet. Went into the store to pick up Hershey miniatures and horror of horrors they are now made in MEXICO. Back on the shelf they went. Down with non-Hershey PA Hershey miniatures! Gotta call and/or write and complain! Join me: 800-468-1714 and The Hershey Company, Hershey Pennsylvania 17093-0815, USA. As for the Mexie Chocolates, let 'em rot on the shelves! Calorie count: ZERO.

Then went to make cold Catholic Special and found that Bumble Bee tuna now comes in 5 oz. cans, not six. That'll save a few calories! Though in truth in cold Catholic special the amount is not critical but NOTICED. Did they think we wouldn't?!?!

FYI, make Cold Catholic Special by tossing together your favorite cooked pasta (I used tri-color 100% semolina this time), the tuna, some chopped celery, some chopped (red) onion, Hellman's mayonnaise, some salt and pepper. Sprinkle with paprika and top with some hard boiled egg slices and some celery leaf to make it pretty if you are taking it somewhere: Not diet food but YUMMY and a Tasty Tidbit -- I haven't forgotten you, my foodie friends (Yes, YUMMY, as is HOT Catholic Special, but that's another post.)

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