Thursday, January 1, 2009

Obama: We need realistic Health Care

Family doctors are dying under the current system, so says Dr. John Brady on Common Dreams and in The Providence Journal. The Obama administration must give us realistic health care. Remind those creepy nay-saying Republican congress critters who say they are pro-life that life doesn't just begin at conception and end at birth.

Insurance Hassles Killing Off Family Docs
by John Brady

I love being a family physician. I love the history rooted in the country doc who did his best to help comfort and heal his neighbors. I love the broad scope of practice where I am always seeing something different and something challenging. But most of all, I love the long-term relationships with my patients. So it is with a heavy heart I admit that my specialty is dying.

This matters not because of the nostalgic loss of the way things were; it matters because studies have proved the essential foundation of a less expensive and higher quality health-care system is effective primary care.

Specifically, as primary care dies, access becomes limited, waits become longer and costs soar.

With this silent but looming crisis becoming ever more evident, we have to take an open and honest look at the reasons for the demise.

We are dying because of an insane payment system.... MORE

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