Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hightower Lowdown Highlights

Just heard a couple of great quick podcasts (2 minutes) from Jim Hightower. You can can read and/or hear them on line. The first is THE PRICE OF AUTOCRATIC ARROGANCE on the outrageous cost that Mayor Bloomberg allowed to be expended through the prosecution/persecution of 52 peaceful protestors during the last Republican Conventiion. The second is about more job outsourcing, including Waterford IRISH crystal now being made in Eastern Europe (Will those pieces be labeled as tainted or fake? The CEO plans to keep the prices the same on the 20% of the pieces made there. I'm warning my Aunt Betty Murphy and her chief buyer, my cousin Pat, as to this corporate fraud: East European "Irish" crystal.) Listen to: CUT-RATE LABOR FOR ANY JOB.

And while at Jim's site, consider subscribing to his snailmail Hightower Lowdown.

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