Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kat's Fake Flake Crab Mac Salad

I did a variant of Kat's macaroni salad made with an 8 oz. pkg of fake crab meat (with "real crab" - yeah, 2% or less) from Louis Kemp. How much of anything? I dumped, and a foodie just sorta knows, right? But YUM:

  • Twirly type of pasta, cooked, cooled

  • Flake crab, broken up

  • broccoli stems (the florets had seen better days :-)

  • celery, chopped

  • frozen peas (briefly dunked in boiling water)

  • red onion, diced small

  • Hellman's mayo

  • Light sour cream (gotta save some calories somewhere)

  • Celtic Sea Salt

Simple, but yummy. And great to store in the work refrigerator.


Gina Ventre said...

this sounds great, but no fake crab for me. i was just telling MD how i can't abide that stuff. i'm almost afraid of it! real crab for this maryland born and raised lady.

well, sometimes a lady.

Kate Anne said...

I wouldn't waste good (and expensive) crab in this recipe, Gina -- my brother Greg gets these great lump crab cakes, fyi: to live for -- the pollock in the fish flakes actually works fine. But do try this. (I should post my guacamole recipe which a friend forced me to figure out some definable amounts of the ingredients.)