Thursday, March 6, 2008

Impeachment Update

Different things happening on the impeachment front. From, I took an MSNBC poll on impeachment which has over a half million people voting for impeachment and only 9.1% saying No. Add your voice! Someone from the group called Thom Hartmann to remind everyone to email NH representative Betty Hall to support the New Hampshire resolution for impeachment. Obviously, NH folks have more voice but ours can be heard too as they can speak up for us:
Representative Betty Hall, the sponsor of HR24, needs huge support from everywhere in order to succeed. We ask YOU to send your message to the legislators of New Hampshire telling them for the sake our country, vote for HR 24! Send your message to TODAY! Rep. Hall asks all residents of New Hampshire to be sure to state in their emails where they live, as in Brookline, NH, and the NH emails will be printed for every legislator. MORE INFO

Finally, as of now has collected 230730 signatures for impeachment. Sign there if you haven't already. Please do what you can to quash any more damage from the Bush-Cheney regime, end this notion of imperial presidencies, and to restore the rule of law to our country. Thanks!

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