Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump Protest Thoughts

New York had a relatively peaceful demonstration yesterday. Peaceful assembly is a right in the Constitution. New Yorkers also know that Trump is a con man -- he has a history of it and lost decisively in New York, and he's a former Queen's street boy. We don't see him keeping his populist promises (which he borrowed from Bernie who had huge crowds that went unreported in mainstream corporate media). It is not in Trump's character. He's already reneged on his wall promise -- it is now a strong 2-layered fence at certain places (like Hillary suggested). I think it is early to be out in the streets but I will be there, peacefully and loudly, when he attacks women's rights, the social safety net, the environment, etc., and doesn't deliver on jobs and stopping bad trade deals. The folks out there are being pro-active and should not be condemned for peaceful assembly. Violence is another matter.

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