Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zucchini with Cilantro and Garlic: yum!

A fellow CSA friend told me she made a zucchini and cilantro soup -- don't have her recipe (yet) but got great results taking her idea and adding a handful of cilantro to my microwaved sliced organic zucchini (with a little water, butter, and dash of sea salt)-- this last time I added garlic: yummy. I imagine I could have pureed it and gotten a great soup because you certainly want to enjoy the buttery zucchini water. Maybe next time. In the meantime, my share partner gave me the lion's share of our box: 11 pounds of vegetables and fruit. Hey, neighbor, ya wanna zucchini, heh heh! [Is this a throwback to PRETZELS, a musical review by Jane Curtin and Fred Grande that I was in way back when? -- It may be.]

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chris Hayes: Strategic Mortgage Defaults - contracts are for...

Great reporting from The Nation's Chris L. Hayes and reason for follow-up: Wealthy people strategically walk away from underwater mortgages [when a homeowner owes more than the place is worth] but big banks want to force the rest of us to sink or swim in deep water and pay up so they can make money on OUR backs. "Contracts are for 'little people'." (When Chris is there, I don't miss Rachel Maddow quite so much. He does great stuff!)

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Hospital

The Hospital
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I leave my sick MacBook Pro in good hands and go into withdrawal. 5 to 7 days!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

BP Slick: CREEKKEEPER appears on Olbermann

John L. Wathen and his videos of the ravaged Gulf, including affected wildlife, brought me to tears as I watched the podcast of Keith Olbermann's Countdown. Heavy stuff that must be seen and acted upon. PLEASE check out: BP Slick: CREEKKEEPER appears on Olberman. The BP Gulf Disaster must be followed up on closely. I'm calling my Congress critter again today and repeating that BP must stop using the dispersants which only add to the poison and the coverup.

We must face what our love of oil has wrought and do much-needed activist penance. Pray God that we can get this oil gusher stopped soon. Much work to be done. Please do what YOU can. Call. Donate. Write letters to editors. Blog. Talk to others. Act!