Monday, September 21, 2020

Add on Words #WWF

Add on Words

Found while playing Words with Friends

sadZA (African corn porridge)
colZA (vegetable oil from rapeseed)
ZOOn (biol. individual animal coming from a single egg)
And let's not forget aJAR
SOz - alteration to sorry (1990s)
EvZONE kilted Greek soldier
oVOID - egg shaped
IMPi - a band of Zulu warriors
RioJA - a Spanish wine
FLAMEn - a priest serving a particular diety
CAPiz - a small marine bivalve
smiLAX (a climbing shrub or asparagus)
BUCKo - man
JOCKo (chimpanzee or any monkey)
QUIPu (Incan knot recording method)
oxID (an oxygen compound)
ZAyin (7th Hebrew letter)
ZAyde / ZAide (grampa - Yiddish)
COXa - a hip bone or joint
mZEE (in E Africa an older person, elder)
sQUIT - a small or insignificant person; diarrhea
adJIGo - Australian yam
MOFOngo - Puerto Rican mashed plantain dish
sQUIZ - a look or glance; to look or glance
uMU - a Maori oven
oGIVE - a pointed or Gothic arch
dUNITE / DUNite - a type of igneous rock
JACKy - an aborigine
GOpik - monetary subdivision of the manat (Azerbaijan; alt. qapik)
QIndar / Qintar - Albanian money 1/100 lek
QIviut - underwool of musk ox (or cloth made from it)
Jowar - durra (a sorghum grain)
SorGO / sorGUM - a type of grain
Louie = looie / looey - shortened lieutenant

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